Many people encounter minor eyeritation due to work, travel, lifestyle, environment or even pollution. If a person experiences eyeritation, these signs are noticeable: red eyes, watery eyes, sore eyes, dry eyes, and itchy eyes.

Red eyes

One of the most common minor eye irritation is having red eyes. It occurs when the blood vessels on the surface of the eye expand. It usually caused by airborne irritants that lead to allergy. Also, heavy reading and prolonged staring at computer and cellphone screens can result to red eyes.

Watery Eyes

Ironically, watery eyes can be a result of having dry eye syndrome. Due to dryness, your eyes will have a possibility to produce tears that lack the right oils to lubricate your eyes. Hence, you will produce superfluous tears to aid the problem. Other common causes include weather conditions, eye strain, allergies and common sickness.

Sore Eyes

A person who has this may experience difficulty in opening his eyes. The eyes suffer from discomfort, burning, redness of the eyes and sensitivity to light. The condition can be caused by an allergy, inaccurate eye prescription, contact lens wear, sun exposure, infection, and eye fatigue.

Dry Eyes

A person who stays in places with extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) can experience dry eyes. Besides, wearing contact lenses, underlying medical conditions, side effects of specific medications, and hormonal changes in women, are some of the common causes of dry eyes too.

Itchy Eyes

Itchy eyes are generally caused by indoor and outdoor allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander that are usually present in the air. Although reactions to makeup and cosmetics are rare, some of these that contain complex mixtures of substances can lead to itchy eyes too.

Who are prone to minor eye irritations?

• Heavy Readers
• People with long exposure of computer usage such as computer gamers, social media savvy
• Motorcycle Drivers
• Water Athletes
• Shift workers especially at night
• People exposed in dusty polluted workplace
• Night clubbers with long exposure to cigarette smoke
• Factory workers with exposure to chemical and gas
• Travelers, adventurers, athletes exposed to the wind and high humidity