Karen, PH

My main concern was relieving my blurry vision after prolonged gadget use. I used the blue Eye Mo and it really helped with my blurry vision. My eyes felt lubricated and not so dry, and very relieved!

Annalyn, PH 

Eye Mo is one of those trusted brands which has entered the common lexicon. It’s like Frigidaire for refrigerator or Xerox for photocopying. When it comes to soothing tired or irritated eyes, Eye Mo is the first thing that comes to mind.

Danny, PH

As a public transport driver, keeping an EyeMo with me helps me a lot. Dust and smoke irritate my eyes, making it red and teary. A drop of EyeMo cleans and clears out my vision in minutes.

Agatha, PH

I really need something to lubricate my eyes since outdoor is my home. Surfing is fun! But wind and sun make my eyes dry and itchy. With Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula, I can still enjoy my passion for surfing without worrying so much about the risk of eye irritation.

George, PH

My work is night shift. Aside from battling sleepiness, I’m facing my computer at the office for the whole 8 hours. I used to experience tired and itching eyes as a result. I know that this can’t be resolved by resting alone. Good to know that Eye Mo Red is really effective! A drop of it aids minor eye irritation in minutes.